Titan Singapore can supply titanium pipes, fittings and flanges required for any fabricated pipe lines. All the flanges and fittings are sourced from globally reputed qualified manufacturers. For north sea oil and gas flatforms, we can supply NORSOK certified flanges of all types. We do not take up titanium fabrication works, however we can refer you to qualified workshops as most of our customers are either titanium machine shops or fabricators.

Titanium Pipe lines are proven to be very cost-effective methods of resisting corrosion in the process lines. Sea-water, salts, acids and other seriously corrosive chemicals will severely damage steel. This corrosion can rapidly cause the equipment to damage and fail. While initial purchase cost is higher than steel, graphite, PTFE or glass materials   Titanium Piping System will be highly cost effective over the equipment life cycle.


Titan Engineering offers a great variety of titanium flanges, fittings, and custom components. The majority of our titanium products will fall under the material specification ASTM 381/ASME B381 and are made to order per your application. Titanium Grade 2 is the most commonly requested in the pipe valve and fitting industry, with great strength and corrosion resistance properties. The majority of our products will be ASTM B381 Grade 2 given its availability and resistance to corrosion.

Titanium is known for its high-strength and light-weight material. Titanium pipe flanges offer corrosion protection in seawater, making them ideal for marine applications, as well as oil and gas offshore drilling systems. They’re also often used in chemical processing systems requiring chlorine and chlorine compounds. Unlike many other materials, a corrosion allowance is usually not required for titanium. This permits thinner-walled tubing to be used than other materials.

The thermal conductivity of titanium is roughly 50% higher than 304 stainless steel. A zero corrosion allowance can often be specified for titanium. This, coupled with adequate strength permits titanium pipe lines to be used with unusually thin walls. For your titanium pressure vessel projects, contact our Singapore office or Jakarta office.

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Titanium Line Pipes with flanges

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