Titan Engineering – Singapore keeps a ready stock of titanium foils. Titanium foils are used in bio-engineering research applications where body tissues, saliva, and microorganisms are kept in the titanium foils due to their excellent bio-compatibility and inert nature with living things. Another common use for titanium as a thin foil is in shavers. The windscreen is the application where you most likely can find titanium foil as a non-corporate user. Titanium foil has also been used in the making of camera shutters, a mostly unseen and unknown device hidden inside a camera that allows light to pass for a short period of time, for the purpose of exposing film or an electronic sensor to light to make a photo. If you’re engaging in making something out of titanium in the form of foil, just remember that titanium foil is about the same thickness as a sheet of paper. You can build wind shavers, screens, wind screen, camera shutters, or what ever you can imagine.

• Foil Size: Thickness: 0.05mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm.
• Foil Width: 125mm, 150mm, 300mm
• Foil Grade: Titanium Grade-1 UNS R50250, Grade-2 UNS R50400

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