Titan Engineering offers Platinized Titanium Anodes and MMO Anodes for Electrochemical and Metal Finishing Industries. We supply MMO Tube anodes with KYNAR/HMWPE/XLPE/PVC cable attached as per customer requirements. Solid round titanium bars or tubes coated with MMO are manufactured based on the life expectancy of the anodes. MMO Anodes were originally developed to produce chlorine from the seawater electrolysis process. Over the years its application has evolved into many uses such as:

• Electro dialysis.
• Electroforming.
• DSA Cathodic Protection.
• Electrochemical Sensing.
• Electro winning and Refining of metals.
• Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid.
• Electroplating for precious and base metals.
• Electrolytic recovery for precious and base metals.
• Electrolytic Production of Sodium Hypochlorite.
• Electro synthesis of Inorganic & Organic chemicals

MMO coated Anodes

What is MMO – Mixed Metal Oxide coating?

MMO coating recipe consists of an electro catalytic conductive component that catalyzes the reaction to generate current flow, and bulk oxides (cheaper fill materials) that prevent corrosion of the substrate material (titanium).

For cathodic protection applications two primary electro catalysts are used:

1. Ruthenium Oxide (RuO2)
Ruthenium oxide is the cheaper of the two electro catalysts, should only be used in chlorinated environments (sea water). The catalytic life is significantly reduced when the primary reaction is the evolution of oxygen (fresh water, soil, coke backfill and concrete environments).

2. Iridium Oxide (IrO2)
Most cathodic protection manufacturers use Iridium Oxide based mixed metal oxide for their cathodic protection anodes because it is suitable for both chlorinating and oxygenating environments. The bulk oxides are typically a mixture of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Tantalum Oxide (TaO5). Their primary purpose is to provide an oxide film over the substrate material to prevent corrosion of the substrate.

For MMO anodes, Titanium Grades 1 and 2 are used as MMO anodes base material. Grade 1 titanium is slightly more malleable than Grade 2 titanium but is also less commonly used in industry. There is no “better” between Titanium Grade 1 and Grade 2 – they can be used interchangeably with no impact on performance. The compositions for Grade 1 and Grade 2 are very similar and overlap so that often the same material meets the requirements of both Grade 1 and Grade 2 and can be dual certified.

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MMO & Platinum coated Titanium Anodes

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