Are you looking to buy only a piece of Titanium with no minimum order quantity? Have you been asking around “what is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?” That’s probably how you found us!

Yes, we are a Titanium Metal Supplier without any Minimum order quantity (MOQ)!

Therefore, we can help you to increase your profit by  providing you with material is size and quantity you just need to fulfill your requirement. With us, it is not necessary to buy full sheet or full length bars, just buy what you need and save money.

For us, no client or no order is too small to deserve anything less than our best service, best quality and best client experience.


Why Choose Our Service

  • No need to buy full lengths!
  • Buy just the size of metal you need!
  • Quick and easy, with no minimum order size.
  • JIT - order only what’s needed for the job.
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