Common Name
CP Grade 4
Titanium Grade 4
General Information
Titanium Alloy Grade 4 is “unalloyed” titanium offering improved strength, moderate ductility. The material is readily weldable. This material is very corrosion resistant in highly oxidizing and mildly reducing environments. The material is castable and is often utilized in cast valves and fittings. The alloy is available as castings, wire, plate, sheet, strip, forgings, bar, and billet. Used mostly in aerospace applications.
Common Specification
Specification Product Form
AMS 4901 Sheet, Strip and Plate
AMS 4921 Bars, wire, forgings and rings
ASTM B265 (Grade 4) Strip, Sheet, and Plate
ASTM B348 (Grade 4) Bars and Billets
ASTM B367 (Grade 4) Castings
ASTM B381 Forgings
ASTM F67 (Grade 4) Unalloyed Titanium for Surgical Implants
ISO 5832-2 Grade 4 Unalloyed Titanium for Surgical Implants
MIL-T-9047 Ti-CP-70 Bars for forging
Chemistry Requirements
N C H Fe O Residual Each Max Residuals Max Total Ti
0.05 0.08 0.015 0.50 0.40 0.1 0.4 Balance

% Maximum unless given as a range.

Minimum Tensile Properties
Condition UTS ksi (Mpa) >0.2%YS ksi (MPA) % El. % RA*
As specified (shape) 80 (550) 70 (483) 15 25
Typical Tensile Properties
Condition UTS ksi (Mpa) >0.2%YS ksi (MPA) % El. % RA*
As provided 86 (593) 75 (571) 20

Note: Typical properties are not to be utilized as a requirement, but are only listed for guidance. These properties may or may not be attainable in all circumstances.
* %Ra not required by all specifications
Trademark Notice: Some names are trade names and/or trademarks of specific manufacturers. Titan Singapore is not affiliated with any manufacturer(s). Orders will be filled to meet specifications from any available source(s). Names are listed solely for reference to help identify products consistent with listed specifications.


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